The Story of the Greatest Hat I've Ever Owned/Why It's Been A Successful Vacation

Last year we came to this same beach town and did many of the same activities we’ve done this trip. One of these activities included shopping. During my shopping travels, I encountered a store that sold the Life is Good line. You know Life is Good. For example, the little cartoon man sitting in a hammock with a drink and underneath him it says, “Life is Good”? Yeah, that.

One of these products included an amazing winter hat that you might find on a soldier during the Cold War. Or in a Bond movie. It had a fur band and ear flaps. It also had “Life is Good” stitched down one of the ear flaps. I truly believe this phrase, and I live in a freezing cold wasteland (not the USSR, but with a similar climate) so this hat was screaming my name. I knew I would get a lot of use out of it. Anyway, the hat looked exactly like this:

It’s kind of hard to see because I’m wearing a dark shirt and have dark hair, but those are full-on ear flaps that this hat has. Complete with little strings. This has does not mess around.

I wore that hat every day last winter, and it was certainly a conversation starter. People were either saying, “WHOA! I love that amazing hat!” Or ” WHOA! That is a bizarre hat!” Or ” WHOA! Are you expecting to get lost in a frozen tundra with that hat?” or other comments along those lines. Either way, it got noticed.

Then, one fateful day, tragedy struck. I can’t tell you exactly which day it was, because I don’t know. Somewhere during my daily travels, my beloved hat and I got separated. I didn’t notice until it was too late. My hat was lost. I tore apart my car, my dad’s car, and my boyfriend’s car. I tore apart my office. I tore apart my dad’s office. I tore apart my co-workers’ offices. The hat was nowhere to be found. It was gone. I think I probably left it at a restaurant. My coat is so massive that I sometimes get distracted by its girth, so my poor hat probably gotten lost in the sauce.

I know it’s just a hat, but I couldn’t let this loss go. I asked everyone if they had seen it. People were pretty upset about the hat too. Every day I got at least one person asking if I had found my hat. It was a sad, sad occurrence.

But do you think I’d waste all your time on a story with a sad ending? Nope. This week, we returned to our same vacation spot, and I returned to the Life Is Good store. Sitting there, smiling at me from a wooden rack, was an exact replica of my beloved hat. Sure, it wasn’t the same hat. It didn’t have the same memories as my old hat. But for all intents and purposes it was my hat. I snatched that baby up and brought it to the register. Now I have my hat (almost) back, which is how I was able to take a picture of it for you to demonstrate its amazingness. That hat is the definition of the bomb dot com.

Now when the winter winds howl and I can’t feel my feet, my ears and head will be warm and toasty in my fur-lined, ear-flapped, conversation-starting hat. YIPPEE SKIPPY!

PS: Why does Photobooth always make you look like you have Paris Hilton eyes? You know, kind of wonky? Or is that just me? Okay, maybe don’t answer that…


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