Remembering 9/11

I’m in New York City today, on the tenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks. Let me tell you something, I’m really glad I’m here. We didn’t plan to come to New York specifically because of the anniversary, but it worked out this way. It helped break up the trip back from the beach and I have to see my surgeon here before I have my surgery on the 23rd, so it was more convenient to make a stop on the way back home instead of making a separate trip. My mom, dad, Chris and I are all here. Today also happens to be Chris’s birthday. Happy birthday to him! He is awesome.

For a chunk of this morning I was watching MSNBC replay the coverage as it unfolded that day ten years ago. I was feeling pretty depressed and emotional. I didn’t want to do much and I felt weird about doing normal touristy things in the city. Then my friend posted a Facebook status that said the following, “10 years ago, and today, it is the goal of terrorists is to disrupt the American way of life. So today I plan on sitting on my couch and watching 12 hours of NFL Football on my 46″ HDTV – that’s the best way to give a big middle finger to all of them. And of course, never forget those lost on 9/11 and since.”

That status a.) made me laugh and b.) made me think.

My friend is so right. The whole point of those terrorist attacks was to completely mess up the American way of life and to make us stop doing the things we love. As soon as I read that post, my attitude towards the day changed. My mom and I had bought tickets to see “Rent” (I’ve wanted to see it for SO LONG) and I originally felt weird about going to a show on this day. Not anymore. I think it’s completely appropriate to participate in things that make our country great today. New York City has amazing theater. My mom and I are going to go enjoy it. America loves football. We do football well. My boyfriend and dad are going to a football game tonight. That’s the way it should be. Of course we’ll take time to remember everyone who died ten years ago today. We’ll also take some time to appreciate everyone who protects our country. But I think the best way to honor America is to enjoy the things that make this country so unique and special. So that’s what we’ll be doing. I hope you’re having a good day and are also taking time to remember and celebrate.


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