Check That One Off the Bucketlist: Seeing "Rent" live

I’ve always LOVED musicals and musical theater. In high school I did all the musicals and sang in lots of different choirs. I love music and performing, and I appreciate people who can sing and perform well. Therefore, you can imagine my excitement when my mom told me she got us tickets to see “Rent” on off-Broaday (is that gramatically correct? Who knows…). I’d seen the movie version and loved it. I listen to the soundtrack all the time. I couldn’t wait.

The show definitely exceeded my expectations. I hadn’t seen a live musical in a while, so I forgot what an amazing experience it is. We also had second row seats, so that was amazeballs. Go, Mom. You are the best.

The set was really cool. Very minimalistic yet they used lights in a really cool and beautiful way. Loved it. I wish I could have taken some pictures to show you guys, but they had a really strict “no photography” policy so…no dice. Sorry. The cast was so unbelievably talented. Every five minutes my hair would stand on end as one cast member  or another hit a gorgeous high note, or belted, or did some other vocal oddity that gave me shivers. You can’t beat amazing singers performing live. So awesome. The energy was insane.

It was a small but super talented cast. The actress who played Mimi a.) weighed about 80 pounds (what? It was really noticeable how thin she was!) b.) had amazing hair and c.) most importantly, was a terrific actress and singer. She rocked “Out Tonight” like it was nobody’s business. I loved that.

Angel was also really good and a terrific dancer. His bio said that he’s still in school, so I was impressed. He was perfect for the part.

Collins had an amazing, belt-y voice, and Roger was great too. Basically, the cast was amazing and I was blown away. Oh, I also really loved Maureen. She may have been my favorite. Even when she wasn’t singing or speaking a line, she was 100% in character. If you’re in New York City and have a chance to see this show, I would highly recommend it. My mom was nice enough to take me to the show. I was a little afraid, though, that this would be like when my dad took me to see “Chicago” when I was in middle school and all the girls came out in their thong leotards and started humping the chairs (slight exaggeration) and it was so uncomfortable that I wanted to slide under the seat and melt. I must be a grown up or something because I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all during the show. Hey, adulthood. Nice to see you. Definitely check out the show if you’re in New York. It was amazing.



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  1. Oh god, I love RENT. I’ve seen it twice live (once in the Nederlander and then once when it came to UNC) and it’s always fantastic.

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