You Know You're Jelly of This Awesome Shirt I Just Got

The kind folks at Crazy Dog T-Shirts just sent me a shirt to try, and I must say that it’s pretty awesome. Here’s the shirt I chose:

From Crazy Dog T-shirts

 Hilarious, right? I appreciate this shirt because I always try to develop a strategy when playing rock, paper, scissors. I’m a poor loser, what can I say? Now here’s a picture of me wearing the shirt:

Das me

I like how I’m not swimming in the shirt, but at the same time it doesn’t squish me and make it so I can’t breathe. I can’t stand when shirts do that. Let me breathe, already! But don’t give me a tent! Let me show you my most favorite thing of all (besides the graphic).  Excuse the awkward wannabe cheerleader pose.

Ready? Ohhhhkay!

Do you see how long this shirt is? I LOVE that. Long shirts are one of my top five favorite things of all time. Let’s face it, most jeans are at least semi low-rise. Therefore if your shirt isn’t a little bit long, when you sit down you’re going to be exposing back/underwear/maybe even some crack if you’re unlucky. Not a good look. That’s why I like long shirts. They cover the space that low rise jeans abandon. This shirt does that. ::Applause::

Wanna buy this shirt? Click here.

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