Here's Why Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries's Marriage is Screwed

I was away for nine days which means I’ve been spending a lot of time with my DVR. I just finished watching the season finale of Keeping up with the Kardashians. That’s the much-anticipated episode where Kris proposes to Kim. Let me just say that I am officially in a love-hate relationship with Kim Kardashian. I have also officially jumped off the KK bandwagon. I never thought I’d see the day that I write these bold statements, but after this episode it has happened. Here’s why:

1.) Kim has pictures of herself above her bed in a house which she lived in (at the time) alone. How narcissistic can you be?  My apartment is full of pictures of myself…because I’m with my friends and family in them!  If I EVER print and frame a picture of just myself, please find me and punch me directly in the teeth. That is so very Paris Hilton of her. People always talk about the beef between her and Paris, but I think she is developing some Paris qualities.

Oh, Kim... you are a little mixed up


2.) She filmed the moment she got engaged. I know that most people don’t have the opportunity to make this choice. I realize that. But I have a pretty good feeling that, given the choice, I would opt NOT to do this. I think this is one of the most private, special moments you will ever have in your entire life. WHY would you want to be worried about how your reaction looks on camera? And also, no matter how sneaky the crew is, there had to be some way that she found out or had a hint about what was going to happen ahead of time. That ruins everything. I swear these people would let us watch them go to the bathroom on camera.

3.) When she finally walks in and sees him on one knee, one of the first things she says to him is, “You’re crazy.” I’m sure that’s just something she uttered out of shock and surprise but I thought that was horrible. I hope when someone proposes to me I’m saying, “Oh my god! I love you! I’m so happy!” and other expressions of joy. Not, “You’re crazy.” Like, come on now. WTF?

4.) When she finally breaks the news to her family they all think it’s a joke. When I tell my family, if they react with laughter and confusion I will be very unhappy. Also, why did they think it was a joke? Shouldn’t it have been pretty obvious that Kim and Kris were on the road to engagement and would probably be engaged soon?

5.) This is the real doozy. In Kim’s interview about the engagement she says. “I feel like my life has changed so much in a year. I’m really looking forward to this amazing journey that I’m going to bring Kris on.” Just think about that for a minute. To me, that statement says it all. No other words are needed. I literally had to rewind that part three times to make sure she actually said that statement. She did. After I heard that, I knew her marriage is not going to last forever. She is one of those brides who wants a wedding and a massive ring and just needs any guy to make it happen. To her a wedding is about glitz, glam and being wealthy and beautiful. It’s not about love. Kris is an accessory to her. He’s coming on HER journey. They are not starting a partnership and a life together. Kris is playing a supporting role in a childhood dream she’s always wanted to see come true. Holy crapballs. Girlfriend needs to check herself before she wrecks herself. I hope they signed a good prenup.

Did you guys see this episode? What did you think about it?


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  1. I havent watched KUWTK in awhile because they annoy me if i watch them too much lol. And the whole family seems to be a bit up themselves, its just the most obvious in Kim. On Twitter they often post things like “what should i wear?” “what should i eat?” “how should i do my hair?” its like they cant think for themselves (probably because they dont do things themselves anymore jk lol). its great that theyre successful and all but i think with their amount of money and “fame” they could do much more positive things with it like give to charity, etc instead of getting ANOTHER spin off reality show. im not sure if they do charity work, im sure they’d announce it all over their twitter if they did lol

    • The charity thing is so true and really gets to me. I may need to write a whole post on it. Most celebrities have a “pet charity” aka charity they feel strongly about and spend a lot of time/money on. The Kardashians don’t seem to have one of those. With ALL that fame and money they have nothing they feel strongly about? Their father died of cancer, why not a cancer charity? It just seems a little selfish to have so much and not be able to give anything to a worthy cause! I will admit I love watching their shows, but I think less of them because of that.

    • You’re right. They REALLY can’t do anything for themselves. I get that they want to interact with their fans but…come on. And the lack of charity is really just sad.

  2. I totally agree with you. If you notice Kim doesn’t say yes until she see’s the ring Kris got her. I don’t line Kris and I barely like Kim. She was so disrespectful and being stick up when she told Kris he had to move out of his apartment cause she wasn’t going to live in a place that isn’t big and doesn’t fit her life style. It was so annoying when she was crying over a stupid earing. If she can’t afford it then she shouldn’t have bought them. She obviously wanted to lose them again since she kept them off.

    • I noticed that too about Kim’s pause and then huge reaction as soon as she saw the ring! What a joke! They are just SO different. He loves dogs and is from Minnesota. She is an OCD neat-freak from LA. Opposites attract and you can alter your lifestyle to accomodate someone else, but I just don’t see that happening based on what the shown has illustrated. I know it’s reality TV so who knows what actually goes on but…I’m skeptical of this whole thing. The earring thing was definitely ridiculous. Who wears expensive earrings in the ocean? Come on now, Kim…

  3. i too have jumped off the kk bandwagon and not with a heavy heart as i had anticipated – girlfriend is crazy and obsessed with herself!!! she should be one of those people in a facebook relationship with herself. she will probably get married 10 times.

    • ljmlevine says:

      I always thought she was the “normal” Kardashian. Sweet and funny. Um…NO! Kim has revealed her true colors, and they are not appealing. She is definitely obsessed with herself. Her friends talk about how she’s “in love with love” and that’s why this marriage ended badly. That’s cute when you’re 12. She’s 31! Grow up! She’s definitely got two or three marriages left in her, I think.


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