Ode to Target

Target (or Tar-jay as it is called if you’re feeling fancy) has always been one of my favorite places. You can find basically anything you need there, and they always have really cute office supplies (I love office supplies, it’s fine). But lately I’ve found myself falling in love all over again. That’s how you know it’s a real love that will last forever. My friends in New York City have told me that they don’t have an easily accessible Target in the Big Apple. Nor do they have Panera. How can you live like that? Although when you think about all the things that New York has that smaller cities can’t offer you…I guess it makes sense. Kind of.

Take a look at what I got on my recent Target trip. You’ll find yourself rekindling your romance too.

First of all, if you’re a Target shopper you know that they always have a terrific selection of healthy snacks. This Archer Farms brand that you see pictured is the bomb dot com, especially for trail mix and other snacky items. They have tons of flavors and varieties. I picked up these two bags on my last venture. The peach slices took a little getting used to, but now I’m sold. At first they tasted like the dried fruit that you find in Special K with Red Berries. Yeah, a little odd. But they’re actually pretty good once you get used to them. And this almond, blueberry, cranberry mix is super yummy.

Then we have this set of adorable notebooks. I don’t know why I love cute office supplies so much, but I do. There’s something about an empty notebook with a cute cover that just seems to be filled with promise and creativity and good ideas that are yet to come. Okay, cheese fest. I know. But that’s how I feel. I’m just being honest. I got these three notebooks during my latest Target pilgrimage.

Made from recycled paper too. I love the earth, what can I say?

Then I got this Vanilla Bean candle. I decided that I want to become a candle person. I want to be one of those people who comes home and lights a candle to relax. I want you to walk into my apartment and say, “What is that pleasant yet subtle odor? Oh, look. It’s coming from that elegant and decorative candle.” So I got this one. It smells so nice. As you can see it’s gotten a lot of use already.

Smells like relaxation and yum yums

Lastly, Sex and the City DVDs were on sale for $13. Cha-ching! I picked up four seasons to watch when I have surgery and am stuck in bed. What? It was necessary! I couldn’t just buy two seasons and leave myself hanging! That would be torture.

Needless to say I was a happy camper. Oh, Target. You and I will always be together.

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