I've Found Heaven For Your Feet

I’m very picky about shoes. I hate shoes that aren’t practical because then I feel guilty about spending money on them because I’ll only be able to wear them once in a rare while. I hate those shoes that celebrities wear with the platforms in the toes. You know like these:


Who can walk in those? No one. Except for Victoria Beckham who can walk in them when she’s pregnant. But she’s not even really a human, so its fine.

Therefore you can imagine my delight when I found a pair of shoes that I could wear with a variety of outfits, AND I could walk in them. I got them two years ago. They were an amazing pair of moccasins from American Eagle. I know they’re not dressy shoes or anything, but they were the perfect “running around doing errands on a September day” shoe. I got so sad when I discovered this year that I’d literally worn them to pieces. The sole was separating from the rest of the shoe. The insides were wearing thin. They were basically not even shoes anymore. I searched high and low to find an adequate replacement for my beloved shoes. I love the look of mocassins and I also love how comfortable they are. I found lots of pairs of mocassins but they were either too thin and squished my feet, or they looked cheap or they had weird beading, etc. But yesterday the mocassin gods smiled upon me. I wandered into Famous Footwear and found these guys:



The perfect pair of moccasins. The insides are really fuzzy and warm. They almost feel like slippers. See? Look:

So amazing. My feet have been smiling all day. If you’re looking for some nice fall shoes, I’d highly recommend these. Here’s a link if you want to buy them online.




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  1. I LOVE moccasins! I’m so with you on being picky with shoes and I love a good comfy pair. Thanks for sharing these.


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