My So-Called Gluten Free Life

I’m usually a pretty healthy eater. Occasionally I’ll treat myself to a slice of Hawaiian pizza (my weakness…sooo yummy) but for the most part I’m proud to say I do a good job. My diet consists of a lot of oatmeal, whole wheat bread, and other nutritious foods. This sounds great, right? Well, I just discovered that I may have a Gluten sensitivity. Not exactly Celiac disease, but basically it means that I should try to stick to a Gluten free diet. I’m still investigating this and have to talk to my doctor about it, but I’m a little traumatized. Is there a better easy breakfast than oatmeal? Probably not. Is there an easier and cheaper lunch to make than a whole wheat wrap with some turkey or tuna fish? No way. Is there better comfort food than ravioli? Hells no.

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My friend recently started a Gluten free diet and she swears to me that it’s do-able and not that bad, but I’m a little bit nervous. I tweeted about my fears saying, “May need to go Gluten free sometime in the near future. Very possibility of life without real pasta and cookies is making me sweat…”

I got lots of really helpful replies from people who are Gluten free. Apparently there are actually lots of GF substitutes for the foods I eat every day. I’m still suspicious, but that’s good to know. I also got one person who tweeted me an offended response asking me why food isn’t real without Gluten, etc. Look, I’m a lover not a fighter. I’m especially not a fighter when it comes to flour, so I let it go. But next time I will be careful when joking about Gluten free food not being “real food.” Whoopsy doopsy. I’m sorry. I’m a simple-minded pizza lover. What can I say?

My next step is to get a blood test to better determine if I do have some kind of allergy. Then I’m going to try to go Gluten free for a month. I shall keep you posted! I know it will take some diet adjusting and tweaking, but I’m hoping my friend and my Twitter followers are right and that it isn’t that hard. It’s difficult/expensive enough to eat healthy, I don’t need to make it more difficult! I know that if I do have the allergy, avoiding products with Gluten will make me feel a lot better though. That’s the mature side of me talking. The immature side says, ” ME WANT PIZZA! ME WANT CHEAP, EASY FOOD! ME HATE GROCERY STORE TRIPS!” I’m afraid that if I do need to begin a more carefully planned, special diet that I’m going to have to make more trips to the grocery store and spend more time each day planning my meals. Right now I just wake up, make myself some oatmeal and I’m out the door. Lunch takes five minutes to make because whole wheat wraps and tuna are fast. And if I’m feeling lazy I can do peanut butter on whole wheat bread. When you’ve got dietary restrictions you have to take time to think about if the foods you’re choosing are okay for your diet. It also makes going out to eat more difficult.  Know what I mean? But, in the end, I know if it’ll make me feel better it’ll be worth the extra time.

Are you Gluten free? Any tips? Any favorite brands I should know about?

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