Halloween After College AKA What To Wear When You're Going Someplace That Actually Has TP In the Bathroom

We are officially in my favorite month of the year. Most people pick their birth month as their favorite month, but not I. My birthday is in May (where was your gift?) but I luuurve October. I love the crispness in the air, the leaves changing colors, pumpkin everything, cuddly sweaters, boots, and most of all: Halloween.

How can you not love this stuff? (picture by Craig Jacobsen)

But I have a dilemma this Halloween. Now that my Halloween plans no longer include frat parties and Keystone Light, I don’t think a Sexy ::insert your profession here:: costume works anymore. Which is a shame because it’s so easy to just be a Sexy Nurse or Sexy Schoolgirl. But that’s boring, I know. I want to be something more witty and clever. Actually I started to phase my “Sexy Pilot” costume into retirement while I was still in college. I’m so mature for my age, I know. It was during my senior year when Chris and I were Mario and Peach for one night. The wings and the hat got hung up as I rocked the Peach wig. But don’t forget, in college you totally have 3 nights worth of celebration so the pilot costume got taken out for a spin on one of the less important nights. Hey, I spent WAY too much on that costume. I was getting my money’s worth. And I liked the hat.

This year knowing that I will be at a place with toilet paper in the bathroom has inspired a change in my thinking. I want my costume to be cute and witty and fun all at the same time. Mario and Peach was cute and fun and I’m hoping to build on that. Since I don’t have three days worth of celebrating, I want to make the costume good. I’m also kind of running out of time. Maybe I’ll be one of those “play on words” costumes. The greatest example of this is when my friend walked around wearing a nightstand and a lampshade on his head.

My friend's funny costume

He was a ” One Night Stand.” Hilarious, right? I wouldn’t be a One Night Stand per say, but I like costumes that you know not everyone and their mother will be wearing. Know what I mean? The year EVERYONE was Lady Gaga, ugh. I definitely wanted to rock a leotard and a star on my cheek, but I refrained. The year everyone was Amy Winehouse? I kept my white tank, red bra and beehive wig in the closet. Maybe this year Chris and I will dress up as characters from our favorite TV shows or movies. And if you think he’s going to be a cheerleader and I’m going to be a football player…no. That is not our style. We are better than that.

I need to take a few minutes and do some serious Googling. And I also need to hit up the legendary costume shop store in my town. Making the annual pilgrimage there used to be one of the highlights of the year when I was a kid. How do you guys feel about Halloween after college? What do you think the “it” costume will be this year? There’s always one.


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