Ode to Michelle Beadle

She has the ESPN perfect hair

I’m going to mix things up with this “Ode”. Normally I write an ode to an actor or a musician. But this week’s ode belongs to a figure who is more closely associated with the sports world. You may know her, but if you don’t well then you need to. When you think “ESPN lady” you probably think Erin Andrews, right? Well, I’m here to expand your horizons. Meet Michelle Beadle. She co-hosts SportsNation on ESPN with Colin Cowherd.

Michelle is smart. Michelle is funny. Michelle is beautiful (clearly). Not only does she know her sports, she knows pop culture too. Sidenote: Her Wikipedia page (always factual) tells me she’s done some entertainment reporting. Inneresting.

Look, I love me some Erin Andrews. Don’t get me wrong. It’s kind of like this: Erin Andrews is the popular cheerleader. Everyone wants to be her and everyone is fascinated by her. Depending on what school you went to, people may really love her. Erin is great. Michelle just seems to be a different type of girl. She’s more like the funny girl in your class that you just want to hang out with on the weekends. Know what I mean?

Oh, Ms. B is also a master of witty tweets. That’s partially how I became such a fan. Go follow her: @ESPN_Michelle. 

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