I'm Know Not in College Anymore Because: I Have to Worry About Dry Cleaning

You know you’re a grown up when you have to deal with dry cleaning. When I was in college I literally ignored all cleaning instructions on clothing and threw everything into the washing machine together on cold. If I was feeling extra cautious I would wash things on the delicate cycle. This probably explained why most of my clothing didn’t last very long. Or maybe that was because it was all from Forever 21. Not hating on Forever 21. Great store. But probably not the highest quality clothes you can buy. Now that I have a job and try to look presentable, some of my clothes have to be dry cleaned and I am not pleased. “Dry clean only”!? What is this? 

First of all, shame on me for not looking at the label and realizing this before I bought the item. Usually I try to do this, but sometimes I forget. Or I like the item enough to suck it up and deal with the “dry clean only” label. But here’s the issue: I’m 23. I’m new to the workforce. I don’t make a lot of money. Therefore I don’t have a lot of money to pay for dry cleaning. Also, because I’m new to the workforce I don’t have a ton of items that need to be drycleaned. Therefore I either have to drop off one jacket at the cleaners or I have to stockpile all my items and then wait until they accumulate and then go to the cleaners. That means that sometimes I’m going two weeks with a favorite jacket out of commission while I wait for an event to wear my “dry clean only” dress to. I’m kind of crazy, I know.


I know that dry cleaning your clothes is sometimes unavoidable, but I decided I needed to find a way to try to solve this problem and save money. There’s nothing Google can’t teach me, right? I found this article from Esquire which tells you how you can care for dry-clean only stuff at home. Pretty helpful. Thanks, Esquire. I also remembered my friend telling me she uses some sort of sheet in her washer when she wants to “cheat” on dry cleaning. I did some Googling and I found said sheets. They look like this:

Their website says they “freshen clothing and remove small spots” so basically, like my friend said, it’s a way to “cheat” on dry cleaning for a while. I think this will be helpful for me though. I was planning on running to Target to get these guys today but apparently Target doesn’t have them. The drugstore near me does though. That will be one of my projects for today (I love Sundays). Yes, this site seriously has a store locator. Take a look. 

Is dry cleaning as annoying to you as it is to me?


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