Things I Don't Miss About College

If you’re a recent grad like me then you probably spend your fair share of time feeling nostalgic about college. I am guilty as charged. But I realized that there are a few things about my undergrad days that I don’t miss. I just wrote a new piece for the fabulous Love Twenty about these things. Here’s a preview of the piece called “Things I Don’t Miss About College”

Let’s be honest. College was amazing. I’ve been out for two years and I still miss it sometimes. I miss my friends and wish we weren’t scattered across the country. I miss sleeping until 10 and still having a productive day. I miss the reasonably priced drinks, concerts, and lectures that I had constant access to on campus. That was luxury. But in the midst of all the college nostalgia, I am realistic with myself. There are definitely benefits to being a working adult. 

And, as much as I loved undergrad, there actually are a few parts of university life that I’m glad to have left behind. Here’s what I don’t miss about college life:

1.) Rocks for Jocks: I do NOT miss sitting through three hour lectures about rocks (and other subjects I don’t care about) simply to fulfill a requirement. The classes that interested me were amazing. The classes I took just to get my diploma were excruciating.

To read the rest of the story, click here.

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