What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

I am a huge fan of Glamour.com and I just read this really interesting article on their site called, “Sleeping Positions and What They Say About Your Relationship.” I was looking through the pictures that go along with the article and I was thinking, “Holy crapballs. Do people actually sleep like that? All cuddly and cute and spooning?” And then judging from my own experience and the comments from other readers I realized the answer is, “No. No they do not.” A lot of the readers said that they need space when they sleep, which is exactly how I am. I enjoy cuddling before bed, but when I’m actually trying to sleep I need to sprawl out like so:

Sorry Chris

Or sometimes I need to go into the fetal position or something. I definitely do not need to be all snuggly like these guys

(via Glamour.com)

But according to Glamour’s article, that’s okay. The author did some research and tells me that sleeping butt to butt (which is a good sleeping position for those who need space) basically signifies a “…private connection without clinging.” I like that. The article continues, Like two circles, separate but overlapping, this position is a perfect definition of interdependence.” Good, right? You have a solid connection and rely on each other but are strong individuals. That’s exactly how it should be. I still can’t get over the fact that people actually sleep with their arms around each other all cuddled up. Yikes. Suffocating. Anyway, I thought this was a really interesting article. Always good stuff from Glamour.com.

Am I the only one who’s a freak about needing space for sleep?

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