I'm Living the Kardashian Life Today…Kind Of

I’m literally flying down and back to New York City today, just like the Kardashian sisters would do. Except instead of meeting with Vera Wang about my customized wedding dress(es), I’m seeing my doctor for a post-op meeting. I’m excited to meet with him. I feel so much better about my surgery and I’m excited to hear how well it went. I’m not excited to fly all day. Somehow Kim, Kourtney and Khloe make it seem so glam. But I’d rather be me than someone who has eight cameras film her wedding and who gets married because she’s in her prime and wants to look good for wedding pictures. I mean….wait, yeah. That is exactly what I mean. I’ll talk about the Kim K. wedding special when I return. But my jaw dropped when I heard that fact and then that conversation. If I ever have eight cameras film my wedding, slap me. And if my fiance ever tells my mom that we’re getting married now rather than later because I’m “in my prime” (for wedding photos) um…we have a problem. Someone please hand me a reality check. Anyway, while I’m smushed in the middle seat between a screaming baby and a snoring dude, enjoy some of the posts from yesterday, including my latest for Love Twenty (see below). Have a good day!

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