My New Favorite Fall Color Combo/Outfit

As I wrote in this earlier post, I am obsessed with the cream-colored blazer from Lauren Conrad’s collection for Kohl’s that I got recently. Before this fall I was never a fan of cream/white blazers. I just thought they were too Laura Bush-esque. But something about them has really caught my eye recently. I also discovered that I really like the look of a cream blazer with a peach shirt underneath. Don’t judge me for taking a picture of myself in the mirror. No one else was home and I had just assembled this ensemble and liked the way it looked so I wanted to show off. Take a peek:

Close up. Still meant for MySpace.

I started to get self-conscious about this style of photography. I also wanted to be able to show you the look “in person.” Because of these things I made this little video:

What do you guys think of this look?

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