The Soul Mate Friend

I’m feeling philosophical and somewhat cheesy today, so bear with me. I just had a revelation and I feel like sharing. I know many people believe in soul mates. People believe that there is another person out there who is meant for you. I believe that. I don’t necessarily believe that angels matched you guys together while choirs sang, but I believe there is a person out there who will understand you, accept you, and bring out the best in you. You connect with that person on many levels. You’ll get married and have pretty babies and life will be grand. But I also believe in soul mate friends. It’s pretty rare in life that you meet a soul mate friend. A soul mate friend, like a soul mate lover, is someone you just have a deep connection with. Like a soul mate lover, you and your soul mate friend don’t necessarily have to have the exact same interests or career path. But you see life the same way, you approach problems the same way, and you have the same philosophies. You just get each other.  Know what I mean? Obviously a soul mate friend is not a romantic relationship, but it’s a type of friendship that goes above and beyond ordinary, run-of-the-mill friendship.

With a little effort, anyone can find friends.  They live in your dorm, they work in your office, they’re in your classes. It’s even easy to find best friends who really understand you and whom you love deeply. But to really find someone who takes it to that next level of understanding and compatibility? That’s rare. Probably almost as rare as meeting a soul mate lover.

I was with my friend the other day and as were talking I was like, “Holy crapballs. She is a soul mate friend.” She and I haven’t known each other for that long, barely even a year, but we see big issues and small issues the same way. We have different career goals, but we want the same general things out of life. We even agree upon quirky, random things. We’ve had oddly similar life experiences. I can tell her something I think may sound insane or nerdy and she just accepts it. She might even agree. We just get each other.

People debate whether you can have more than one soul mate lover in life. I don’t know how I feel about that. But I know I think you can have more than one soul mate friend in your life. If you do you’re extremely lucky, but I definitely believe it’s possible. How do you feel about soul mate friends? Are soul mates only reserved for romantic relationships? Do you have a soul mate friend? Give them a shout out in the comments section if you do!

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  1. I love this post! Here’s why:

    – I consider my boyfriend to be my soulmate. (Wow, it sounds kinda silly when you say it, but there it is.) We’ve talked about it before too, and we both agree — we are perfect for each other in so many quirky, weird ways. And while we agree we’re soulmates, or as close to it as people can get, we’re both kind of skeptical to think we are the ONLY person for each other, or the ONLY person we could be with and be happy, if that makes sense.

    – Soulmate friends — yes! They are out there and they do exist and I am lucky to have several of them. This is a really dumb example, but one of my best friends and I were singing one of our favorite songs and we both did a dance move — that we’ve never done before — at the exact same time. Again, stupid example, but it was still our brains working in unison that proved yeah, we have an awesome friendship and we GET each other.

    Like I said, love this post!

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