Some People Should Not Be Allowed to Write Articles or Speak Outloud

I don’t normally post the same thing on here as I do on my other blog, The Endo Files, but I’m infuriated and needed to share on both blogs.

I went to journalism school and am a firm believer in the First Amendment. If you have something to say, I believe you should be able to say it. But I also believe that some people are just so stupid and ignorant that it’s terrifying. Yesterday I read this incredibly ridiculous piece of garbage that ran on I wish I hadn’t, because I’ve been mad about it for the last 24 hours. The author goes on and on about how she refuses to use any form of birth control and uses the Plan B pill as her birth control. While she’s explaining this, she continually talks about how she doesn’t want to talk about her sex life…but then keeps talking about her sex life. I really would like to believe this piece is a joke, but I don’t think it is. That terrifies me.

This girl refuses to use condoms. She refuses to go on the birth control pill because she feels it will make her fat and give her acne. (Sidenote: I originally went on the birth control pill to help control my acne…). She won’t get an IUD. The only thing she feels comfortable with is using the Plan B pill after she has completely unprotected sex. A.) There’s no way taking that pill so frequently can be good for you. That’s not at all how it’s meant to be used. It’s meant to be used in emergency situations, hence the term “emergency contraception.” B.) Has she never heard of incurable STDs and HIV? She treats this whole situation like the worst thing that’s going to happen is she gets an STD, she takes a pill and it goes away, and then she continues having unprotected sex with strangers until the world ends. How could someone honestly believe that is how life works? She talks about how she’s responsible with her situation because she gets frequent blood tests to ensure she doesn’t have diseases. Okay, that’s fine. But blood tests don’t PREVENT you from having diseases. They just let you know when you already have them. God forbid this woman gets HIV…Sure she’ll know she has HIV because she gets a blood test. But at that point there’s nothing she can do about it.

Look, I know no one wants to gain weight ( I gained about five pounds on the pill). IUDs are uncomfortable when you have them inserted. But I think all of these things are a lot better than having an unplanned pregnancy, an STD, or a disease that shortens your life. I can’t believe anyone would actually write this piece. I can’t believe people are leaving comments in support of this piece. I seriously want to bang my head against the wall. I just hope that young women don’t read this and agree with the author or think she’s right. The best part is that this woman is the “health editor” for this website. She gives bloggers a terrible name.

Check out the piece and let me know what you think. Hopefully you agree that it’s completely irresponsible and ridiculous. Come on now. Be safe. And hope that this stupid author has stayed far away from your boyfriends, hookups, etc. Gross.

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  1. i understand that people are entitled to their opinion, but i dont understand why she’s against condoms. she said ” i dont sleep with that many people” but its not like you have to sleep with a lot of people in order to use them. if you have sex period and avoiding pregnancy, then a condom can be friendly haha. it seems much safer and simpler than the pills shes taking.

    • Exactly! I also like how she is okay with illegal drug use but is not okay with birth control pills. Good logic by her. I just don’t understand….with all of the birth control options out there today (IUD, shot, Nuva ring) she can’t find ONE that fits with her lifestyle? She clearly has a death wish, but she’s forcing that on every person she sleeps with and that’s just wrong!

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