I Am The New Martha Stewart…Kind Of

Chris and I have a great apartment and I really love it. Definitely an upgrade from this situation in our previous apartment. I love decorating the apartment because (unlike when you live with roommates) we have free reign over the place. If we want to put up Christmas lights all year, we can do it. Not that we would, but it’s nice to know that we could. Of course we’re on entry-level job salaries which makes decorating a teensy bit tricky. But we make it work.

In our new apartment we have these shelves in our living room that were giving me some problems. No matter how I decorated them, they just didn’t look right. They sit right in the center of our living room (the other side of them is our kitchen’s pantry) so they’re definitely the focus of the room. That means they have to look really good. Last weekend I had decided that it was time to take action. I was going to make those shelves look great once and for all. I took everything off of them and started with a blank slate, like so:

Why is this picture crooked? Who knows...

I want the whole apartment to have a relaxed, romantic vibe. These shelves needed to be included in that. I went to Target to see what I could find and had a lot of success. Here’s how the shelves ended up:

Now for a close up of the shelves.

This is the very top shelf. I love to read and I think displaying books is a nice way to reflect some personality. The candle gives it a relaxed vibe. We are big on candles in our house.

Shelf # 2. I love this. Fall is my absolute favorite season and we wanted to get something seasonal, but not necessarily Halloween-y so these pumpkins were a good compromise. Here’s a closeup of what we have on the shelf:

I like the bright pinks and reds in this potpourri mix, which is in a pretty glass bowl. We’ve got two heart-shaped candles on either side of this and then the wicker pumpkins.

Finally on to shelf #3

I like the pretty shape of this candle holder, and I thought the multi-colored beads in the glass containers were nice on this shelf. I’m ordering some prints of pictures so I’ll probably add a framed picture or two to this shelf. I really like having framed pictures around the apartment, I think it gives it a nice, personal feel.

We just got this for one of the walls in the apartment:

You likey? Looks like this on the wall:

I can’t decide if we need a few more framed pictures around it or if it looks good like that. I think decorating an apartment on a limited budget is really challenging, but also really fun. Do you guys have any favorite places to shop for apartment decor? Any good tips I should know about?





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