Starbucks Doesn't Love You…That Much

My peoples, I’ve seen a lot of my Facebook friends posting a link to a “free Starbucks gift certificate” on Facebook. I just read this article which basically says this “giveaway” is, unfortunately, nothing but a scam. Except instead of “click here to see a girl with a spider living under her skin” or whatever it is that people on my newsfeed were clicking for a while (why they would want to see this I don’t know), they’re clicking on this Starbucks thing. I’m sorry but this Starbucks gift card doesn’t exist. All you’ll be doing is sharing your personal info with a company and signing yourself up for a lifetime of spam. Yuck. Just wanted to warn you in case you were one of the people excited about free Pumpkin Spice Lattes or cake pops or whatever goodness you enjoy at the ‘Bucks. Sorry to burst your bubble.

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