The Halloween Countdown Begins…And I Am Still Costumeless

I had high hopes for Halloween this year. I really did. But so far Halloween is doing nothing but causing me anxiety. Here’s why: 1.) When you’re celebrating Halloween in college, as long as you’re showing a lot of skin you’re golden. It doesn’t matter if your costume is unoriginal or stupid. If it’s sexy, then it will be widely accepted and beloved. Now that I’m an alum, things are different. I don’t want to have an unoriginal costume.

Not my thing

I don’t want to have a cheesy costume. I want to be something creative and clever. And also cute yet classy. It’s a difficult combination. 2.) Chris and I want to do a couples’ costume type thing, but incorporating two people’s costume tastes is a bit tricky. We want to be something that we both find amusing, but that isn’t super cheesy and overdone (ex: plug and socket). Originally we were going to be Ninja Turtles. We both liked the idea and the costume I would have worn was fun but still cute. Then yesterday I went to the costume store and tried it on. Not flattering. Needless to say Turtles is a no-go. This also makes me think that maybe it would be a mistake to order a costume online (which I almost did). I thought for sure that the Ninja Turtles costume would look cute, I tried it on just to see it. I was surprised when it didn’t fit well. It was all floppy and weird in the chest area. Gross. Now I’m hesitant to order any other costume online without trying it on first. This kind of limits our options since we have to find something good at the costume store. 3.) It’s already October 21st so…we kind of need to get our act together.

I came up with a few other ideas today that we might be able to make. I need to pitch them to Chris and see what he thinks. Halloween was so much easier when you just put on cat ears, a tail, and went to a frat party. Le sigh.

Do you know what you’re being for Halloween? What are your plans for Halloween?

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