A Day in the Family Business

I work with both my parents and my boyfriend. Yes, it has the makings of a great reality show. There’s always some hilarity, a little bit of drama, and a generally high entertainment factor. If we did, in fact, have our own show (which I still don’t understand why we don’t) today would have been an exceptionally great episode. Not necessarily season finale material, but definitely a highly rated episode. Here’s why:

1.) Chris was wearing an orange bodysuit all day. You see, Chris lost a bet which required him to wear the orange spandex bodysuit all day. It looked like this:

Sexy, right? It’s okay to be jealous. Part of my morning was spent zipping him into the suit and then photographing/videotaping him walking around in the suit. There was some drama over how he would breathe all day in the suit and then how he would see to drive in the suit. He ended up cutting eye/mouth holes into the thing. It made it look even better. Kind of superhero gone wrong. Once I zipped, photographed and posted to Facebook, I moved on to the second amusing part of the day.

2.) My father just recently abandoned his AOL e-mail address. He surfs the web but doesn’t really understand technology. I guess that’s the best way to put it. He knows I write a blog, but doesn’t really get what that means. He thinks the fact that he knows the phrase “viral video” makes him “hip” (another beloved phrase). Listen, I am not hating. My dad is the man. He is one of the funniest, coolest, nicest people you’ll ever meet. He is just not the person you go to when you want to know about the latest gadgets and products. Because of this, I was pretty surprised when he told me he was getting the new iPhone 4s. Actually, I was a little horrified. He treats his phones like crap. When he complained that his last Blackberry wasn’t working, we opened the phone up and literally a mini sand castle poured out from his last trip to the beach. This is not a joke. His lack of care for phones combined with his lack of patience and knowledge of technology left me concerned about the iPhone. How would he care for it? How would he learn how to use it? Oh, right. I would teach him. When the phone came in, he was like a little kid on Christmas. He came bouncing into my office and demanded a lesson. He instantly became impatient and confused when I struggled with a few of the new iPhone features.

“I thought you had this exact same phone!” he exclaimed.

“I do, Dad. But I have the older version. Some of this stuff is new so I don’t know how to work it.”

“But you know everything about technology. I’ve never seen you so confused.”

I think my dad believes that I’m the Lord God of Technology. It’s flattering, but definitely not true.

“I’m not confused, there’s just new stuff that I’m trying to figure out. Have you read over the manual?” he looked at me like I had just asked him to dig a hole to China. I remembered that my dad doesn’t do manuals. We were making this up as we go along. Screw the manual.

“Like, what’s new with this phone that your phone doesn’t have?” he wanted to know.

I started listing features. When I listed Siri, the lady who talks to you, his eyes lit up.

“OH YEAH! SHOW ME THAT!” I figured out how to bring up the Siri feature and he was instantly entertained. He asked her questions about the weather in Florida, the New York Jets season, and more. The fun wore off when Siri told us she didn’t know the answer and could look it up if we wanted. He was over it.

“Go in your office and I’ll stay here and I want to try Face Time,” he instructed.

“But, I have actual work to do.” I explained.

“I know, but I want to see how this works.”

I obediently went to my office while he called me on Face Time. Hey, when the CEO tells you to go into your office so he can try his new phone…you do it.

“Hi!” he said over Face Time.

“Hi Dad,” I said.

“What’s new!?” he asked. He was so excited.

“Well, we’ve been in the same office all day and I just left your office so…not much, really.”

“Okay! Cool! Why didn’t you answer before? I tried to call you before.”

“I couldn’t find my phone.”

He was so giddy and happy, it was awesome.

I was then summoned back in to his office to show him other things, and for several hours I heard the stomp of his dress shoes coming in and out of my office to ask questions. How do you check sent mail? How do you find your contacts?

Today was definitely not been the most productive day in the history of work days, but it was fun. And when I drove in to work this morning I didn’t expect to be zipping someone into a spandex suit and teaching my dad how to use a more advanced phone than the one I have so…it was an interesting day. Never a dull moment.

How do your parents handle technology? Any similar iPhone encounters going on in your house?

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