I Hate You, 1-800-Baskets

I work in social media, and I normally hate when people tweet and write mean things about my company for no reason. I also hate when they call and yell at me for something I don’t have control over. I understand if you’re upset. I will try to help. But don’t yell at me for something I can’t control. But today I sent a tweet to 1-800-Baskets explaining that I will never use their service again, and I am not sorry that I did this. Because they are really dumb. For real. (Remember that YouTube sensation?) In case you don’t…

Anyway, yeah. They are useless. I ordered THE CUTEST gift basket for one of my favorite professor’s who is having surgery tomorrow. It looks like this.

Perfect, right? I love the cookies in the shape of a band-aid and a nurse. And the little doctor’s kit box it comes in. Adorbs. So his surgery is tomorrow. That’s Thursday. I ordered the gift to be delivered on Monday so he would have time to enjoy it before the surgery. Monday was almost over and I hadn’t gotten a confirmation e-mail or any acknowledgment from my prof so I figured something was up. I called the company on Tuesday. They had no idea where the basket was. They said they would call UPS and call me back. They never did. Thanks for that. I called them early this morning and they said “Oh, UPS lost the package. Whoopsy doopsy.” Well, they didn’t even say “whoopsy doopsy” because if they did maybe I would have been less mad.

I was super annoyed because I really wanted to do something nice for my professor and that plan got foiled. But I didn’t go psycho. That’s unnecessary. I calmly said, “Okay. Please cancel my order. And refund my money, since my card has already been charged.”

“Okay.” They said.

Literally an hour later I got an e-mail thanking me for my order. I almost drove over to their headquarters and sprayed silly string all over it (what? I’m a lover not a fighter). But then I realized they’re located in Illinois and that’s a long drive.

I immediately called back and explained the situation. I asked again to get a refund. They assured me that they would cancel the order and I would get my refund. We’ll see about that.

Let me just say that I’m proud of myself for the following: Despite the fact that I wanted to reach through the phone and slap someone, I didn’t yell. I also told the customer service rep that I knew it wasn’t her fault and I appreciated her help. Go me. It’s not right to take your frustrations out on someone who didn’t cause the problem. Yay maturity. I’m extremely aggravated that my professor won’t get his “good luck with your surgery” gift now, and I’m aggravated that it took them so long to fix the problem but I figured one “You guys drive me nuts” tweet and this post were enough. This way no one gets screamed at and now, thanks to the power of social media, maybe other people won’t use their crappy service. Everyone wins.

*I also need to point out that this same company sent my co-worker an e-mail telling him to send flowers to his (now ex) girlfriend for their anniversary. WTF? As he pointed out, what if she died? As I pointed out, boyfriend/girlfriend relationships are much more fickle than marriages. It’s kind of risky business to send an e-mail like that. MAYBE you could send that to a man for his wife or vice versa, but I think a boyfriend/girlfriend e-mail is just asking for trouble. Clearly this company needs to get a few kinks worked out.*

Have you guys been on the receiving end of a customer service complaint? How do you deal when you get involved in an annoying situation like this, either as a customer or an employee at a company?

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