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I’ve started a new writing venture and I’m really excited about it! I’m going to be writing for Forever Twenty Somethings.  This site has lots of great info and articles for ladies (and guys) in their 20’s. You should definitely check it out. My first piece just went up today. It’s called “How to Avoid a Social Media Party Foul.” Here’s the first part of the piece:

Back in the day, I was all about the AIM profile. I spent hours perfecting my limitedtoogirl profile (yeah, that was my screename). The color scheme was eye-catching, the quotes reflected all of my favorite songs and delicate pre-teen emotions, and I carefully gave my friends a shout out by listing their initials at the bottom of the profile. Sometimes, when I was feeling particularly bold, I even let my crush know I was interested with an angsty, romantic away message. But now things are different. Oh yes they are. You’ve got Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and other means of expressing yourself. And there are unspoken rules for each of these social media platforms.

I think someone needs to write an etiquette manual for Facebook and Twitter. Seriously. This stuff gets complicated and it’s pretty obvious that some people abuse their privileges. For instance, I have a friend who used to post several updates a day about her pregnancy. It got to the point where I was scared to have children because of the detail of the posts. I was hearing about bodily fluids, dilation and other things that I don’t want to worry about until they’re happening to me. These statuses also made me think, “I’m fairly certain you’re in labor. Why are you still tweeting and updating your Facebook?”

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