The Search for the Perfect Scent May Be Over/My Badass Manicure

Rejoice, friends! I think the search for the perfect scent may have come to a close. I was having a hard time giving up my Polo Ralph Lauren Blue scent that I’ve been wearing for years. It just smells so nice. But the problem is that it’s nearly impossible to find, even online. It was time for a new scent. I searched and searched and wasn’t having much luck finding my new “signature” scent. I really like Eau Mega, the newest scent from Viktor and Rolf. The only problem was I felt like it didn’t last as long as I’d like. Well, I got a little tester and wore it sporadically over a few months and I finally decided that I love the scent and I think it does stay long enough. It might not be as long lasting as Polo Ralph Lauren Blue (which stays on overnight), but it’s still good. The other problem was the price. The perfume was selling for $100 a bottle. Yikes. Well I looked a few days ago and found it on Amazon for $65. Much more reasonable. Those two factors convinced me to get it. I love the scent. The price was much more reasonable. Time to do it. The bottle came today and I’m so excited.

Pretty box, right? The bottle is really cool too. Here’s a picture I found online since I haven’t opened mine yet (didn’t want to break it on the way home). Take a look

You squeeze the V+R circular logo to make the perfume come out. Love it. I’m excited to wear it tomorrow. I love when you purchase a new scent and wear it for the first time, and you just feel re-energized and refreshed all day. A new scent can totally change up your vibe and spirit. It’s like dying your hair or getting new clothes.

The other fun thing about today is this:

No, not the $4 Target ring (although that is kind of fun). I’m talking about the glow-in-the-dark, Halloween-themed mani I got today. My girl Christine used a green polish that glows in the dark and then she put a layer of black O.P.I. Shatter over it. Looks so cool, right? They are SUPER bright when I’m in a dark room. I love them! Can’t wait to show them off with my Halloween costume this weekend. Here’s a close up:

These two things made my day fun and exciting. Hope you had a good one too. Are you doing anything fun to get into the Halloween spirit?

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