A Big Ole Halloween Fail

I am sad to report that Halloween 2011 gets a huge fail whale.

All the effort I put into finding the perfect costume was wasted. Le sigh. We were supposed to drive 2 hours to Chris’s best friend from high school’s apartment for a party. We were all excited. A great time was ours for the taking. Then we find out that his city is expecting 4-8 inches of snow and there’s a travel advisory that says no unnecessary travel from our city to his city. It’s getting bad. And, just like that, Mother Nature snatched up our good time. Boo. I was definitely missing my college Halloweens where you went out to the on-campus bar (or frat party) with 15 of your friends in great costumes and had fun. Those were the good ole days. Take me back.

I was really disappointed about last night.  But I was determined not to let my favorite holiday be completely ruined. I’m trying this new thing called being mature and not pouting. Weird, right? Anyway, we were feeling really cranky about having our plans canceled due to unforseen circumstances, but Chris and I put our costumes on, drank at our place and watched True Blood. Was it our ideal Halloween? No. Was it the most exciting Halloween ever? Definitely not.  But we got to wear our costumes and, on the bright side, we have “never before seen in public” costumes to wear out next year.

Here’s what we were in case you were wondering

Austin Powers and Dr. Evil. So good, right? Well, we will definitely be saving these costumes for next year when we can actually go out and do something.

How was your Halloween? What were you? I hope you went out and did something exciting. I plan to eat candy and watch more True Blood tomorrow on the actual holiday. Maybe I’ll even dress up for work. Are you allowed to do that? I should ask someone about that. I don’t want to be the only weirdo in a costume, but I d hate to miss my opportunity to wear a costume to work. Do people dress up at your office?

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