Want to be featured in my piece for USA Today College? Here's how

I’m very excited to be writing a piece for USA Today College.  If you haven’t checked the site out, you definitely should. My piece is tentatively titled “Are You an Emotional Hoarder?” It’s easy to spot someone who’s on his/her way to being a hoarder of unnecessary crap. But “emotional hoarding” is an equally dangerous habit, and it’s much harder to spot. Emotional hoarding is when you can’t let go of dead-end friendships, activities, your rude ex, or anyone/anything that isn’t a good use of energy. The person or activity isn’t adding anything important to your life, but you hold on because it’s uncomfortable to get rid of it. By doing this, you’re leaving yourself no room to meet new people, date new guys/ladies and pursue new interests. This “emotional hoarding” problem is especially common as you jump from high school to college. You’re trying to figure out what activities, interests, and even people you want to bring with you from high school to college. You’re trying to figure out how you want to spend your (precious) free time. You’re trying to adjust to life in a completely new place. It can be stressful and confusing. How do you sort through it all? Well, that’s what I’m writing about! I’m interested in talking to a few college students (or recent alums) about your transition from high school to college. How did you decide how you wanted to spend your free time when you arrived on campus? How did you decide which activities came with you to college and which ones got left behind in high school? How did you decide which friendships were worth maintaining? How did you balance new friendships/activities with friendships/activities that were a part of your high school life? How did you get rid of activities that were no longer a good use of time or energy? E-mail me lauren@lifewithlauren.com, leave a comment on this post, or tweet me here (@lifewithlauren1) and I may use your comments in my piece. Leave your name as you want me to use it in the piece. Thanks!

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