Holy Crapballs! It's Bethenny's Birthday!

Today is my career/life idol and future BFF’s birthday!

Happy Birthday, Bethenny!


bethenny-frankelBethenny is on a short list with other people I absolutely, unconditionally adore. She joins these lovely ladies:


Giuliana Rancic


Chelsea Handler


Katy Perry

I love that Bethenny is always true to herself, and says what she feels. She is honest about her past. She’s real about how her life is (stress and juggling acts and all). She doesn’t try to gloss over things. She’s upfront about what scares her and makes her sad, and on the flip side she’s honest about what makes her really, insanely happy. She has freakouts and isn’t embarrassed about them, which is cool because I have freakouts too and I’m not ashamed. I just don’t have a reality TV show to capture these freakouts. It’s so clear that Bethenny’s focus is her family, first and foremost. I love that about her. I also love that her whole philosophy is about making real women’s lives easier. Girlfriend made a yummy, low-cal cocktail. You have to love her for that. She understands what women care about. She is also so relatable. She posts pictures of herself without makeup on. She emphasizes that you should exercise as often as you can, but you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it. She also talks a lot about being kind to yourself and not getting hung up on your past. That’s a great way to live. Bethenny had a lot of struggles and eventually turned them into a hugely successful business because she’s determined and savvy. Also she has a hugely successful company (companies, actually) she still keeps her family as priority numero uno. I just love her!

Happy birthday, Bethenny! I hope your day is magical.

Any other Bethenny die-hards out there? Who is on your Recipient of Unconditional Love Celebrity Short List?

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