Ode to Kate Middleton

Let me go on the record as saying that I think Kate Middleton is pregs. First there are reports that she refused “peanut paste” (whatever that is? Peanut butter?) at an event and gave Prince William a “knowing” smile as she did so. This is suspicious because pregnant women are apparently told to avoid peanut products because they can cause allergies in babies.

Then there was a second report saying at another event she “acted” pregnant, by holding and rubbing her stomach a lot. You know how pregnant ladies do this. I think it’s creepy, but it’s definitely a sign of pregnancy. Also, the Palace isn’t denying any of this. Another big sign.

I really hope she is pregnant. They’ll be the best parents. And now their first-born will lead the country one day, no matter if it’s a boy or girl. Yay, equality. So, there’s that. And I think that’s exciting.

I also just really, really love Kate Middleton as a person. I got up at 4 a.m. to watch her wedding. I still have it saved on my DVR. I love her because she brings life and energy to something that is normally formal, traditional and stuffy (royalty). She is always classy yet still beautiful. You never see a picture of her and think, “WHOA! Stop drinking!” Or “WHOA! You’re really hot, why don’t you dress like it?” She’s the perfect combo of class and sexiness. It’s hard to walk that fine line when you’re in the presence of centuries of tradition and order. But she does it. I love that she did her own makeup at her wedding. I love that she does her own grocery shopping.  See below:

I also just love that she and William are clearly in love. Yeah, sure, they’re royals. That’s pretty amazing. What girl wouldn’t love to have the entire world at her fingertips? Oh, and become royalty? Yeah, pretty nice. But beyond that, she and William are also great together. They seem to really respect and value each other.

I’ve written about Kate before, but the new pregnancy rumors reminded me how much I just adore her. Are you hoping for a little Wills-Kate baby like I am? Boy or girl? What do you think they’ll name him/her?








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