After Homecoming, I Realize That I Am Old

Sorry for the delay in posts. I had a mayjah migraine that was made worse by the lovely people below us tearing up their apartment with hammers, drills and other loud instruments that I felt in my sinuses and head as I lay in bed this morning. Brutal. Anyway, this weekend was homecoming weekend. And I realized that I am old.

My school only has a few bars on campus, and one of them is the main bar students go to. On a normal weekend the bar is crowded. On homecoming weekend, if you want to get in you need to be in line at 6pm. It gets serious. Last year, I stood in line in the rain and got sober and angry as I waited for an hour to get in to this little dive bar to see my fellow alums. I loved every second of it. Almost all of my close friends from school came back for Homecoming weekend. We danced on the sticky floors and embraced the fact that you needed to plan your bathroom trips an hour in advance because the bathroom line was out the door.

This year, things could not have been more different. And I still had a great weekend. But I’m old. Two of my close friends came and stayed with us for the weekend. It was so awesome to see them. But other than that, we didn’t know anyone else in town. Everyone else had to work or didn’t want to spend the money to make the trip. It was also weird to be able to host our friends in our own apartment. And I even cleaned before they arrived. That’s something my mom would do, not me. I’m not supposed to care about cleaning. Cleaning is for adults. I laid out sheets and towels and everything for their arrival. I’m just a little Martha Stewart or something. I felt so grown up. We went to dinner. We drank wine. We were classy.

I also ventured on to campus once the entire weekend. And that was to watch a horrible football loss. The idea of waiting in line to stand in a college crowded bar did not appeal to me. Instead, like fancy people, we split a cab and went downtown. We had an awesome time. It was weird not hanging out at the college bar, but it was nice to be able to get to the bathroom, get to the bar, and move your arms around without worrying about knocking someone unconscious.

It’s strange how much things can change in a year. All of a sudden you have to work. You’re trying to save money and don’t want to just spend your savings on a flight or train ticket. You don’t care about seeing random people at the dive bar, you want to go where you can move around and have a good time with your close friends and where there’s toilet paper. Is this maturity? Who really knows? If it is, I don’t hate it. Did you go to your school’s homecoming weekend? Was it different from last year?

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