E! (Still) Loves Chelsea Handler And So Do I

Good news for fans of my boo, Chelsea Handler. Girlfriend just signed a BIG deal with E! which means that she’ll stay on as host and executive producer of her show through 2014. This article says the deal is making Chelsea a pretty wealthy lady, because she’ll be getting paid $25 million for the two years. She will also develop new shows, so hopefully we’ll be seeing more shows like the high-larious After Lately (which comes back November 27th, can’t wait). If you didn’t watch After Lately last season, definitely tune in for this season. That show was amazing. Here’s a preview of what you can expect this season. The show is a “mockumentary” of what it’s like to work in the Chelsea Lately offices. It’s hilarious.

I worried that Chelsea would leave E! for another network, but looks like my honey is here to stay (at least for a little while). I absolutely adore her show(s) and her books. Her clothes? Not so much. Chelsea often makes fun of the fact that people tell her she is horribly dressed. But…she is. She has such a good body and is so pretty, I don’t understand why she wears ill-fitting, unattractive outfits. Maybe the new deal will get her a new stylist too. Fingers crossed.

I absolutely love that Chelsea says whatever she wants, makes fun of herself and everyone around her, and pushes the limits of “appropriate for TV.” The show has definitely changed since Chelsea’s become a big star though. The celebrities she interviews now suck up to her or hit on her. The round table guests usually reference Chelsea’s hotness/fame at least once per show. Basically the show is more focused on Chelsea herself, as opposed to simply making fun of the ridiculosity of other famous people. There are more references to Chelsea’s famous friends, money and extravagant vacations. It takes away a little bit from the “average girl from New Jersey” appeal but what can you expect? Chelsea makes big bucks and has created a lot of success for herself. The people on her show have become successful by being on the show. I can’t hate. I love Chelsea and the comedians on her show. I watch the show every night (sometimes on DVR, I get tired). Good for them. I also think that Chelsea would be fun to hang out with. I can’t love someone if they seem like they might be a bitch in real life. Chelsea teases her staff and plays pranks, but you know she is loyal and takes care of the people she loves. I like that about her.

Chelsea has also joined an elite few who have made it onto my “inspiration board” at work. I don’t know if an inspiration board is totally work-appropriate, but I made one anyway. It’s modest. I left Katy Perry off because I couldn’t find any pictures of her wearing clothes. The inspiration board is basically full of things that…well… inspire me. It’s full of people I admire, things that make me happy, pictures that remind me of good times, etc. Here are the only two celebrities who have made it on the board thus far:

 It’s an elite squad. I need a picture of Giuliana Rancic, but that will come in time. I like to look over at my inspiration board during the day and get all jazzed up. It’s like a motivational speech or something. I don’t know. Just go with it.

I’m so happy for Chelsea and will definitely be watching her show, as well as After Lately. Are you a Chelsea fan? Will you be watching her? What about her books, are you into those?



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