My Chelsea Handler Worship Continues

The more I see of Chelsea Handler, the more I like. I saw her on Piers Morgan’s show and she was her usual Chelsea self, but there was a hint of something mixed in. Professionalism, maybe? Serious intellect? They talked politics. She talked about how she reads and thinks it’s important to stay educated and on top of current events. She still made sexual jokes and her favorite catchphrases. She still used big hand gestures and tried to make Piers uncomfortable. But the interview showed another side of Chelsea that I liked a lot. I guess I never thought of her as a big reader. She always talks about doing drugs and drinking, so I didn’t imagine she’d have much time for catching up on current affairs. This interview shifted my perspective on her. I’ve always loved her, but I really like that, despite the sex references and the stupid jokes, she’s actually very smart and on top of things. I guess it makes sense. She created this huge career for herself, she has to be pretty intelligent.


After the interview with Piers Morgan I saw this awesome story called Chelsea Handler’s Tips for Negotiating a $25 Million Dollar Deal. After watching the video at the bottom (definitely watch it), I think I may start a religion devoted to Miss H. In in the interview she talks about how you can’t be afraid to ask for what you want. A lot of times you’ll get it. She also talks about how she is fiercely protective of her staff members and always makes sure they’re getting treated right, because she cares about them a lot. This is amazing to read. You always hear horror stories about how when someone gets to be the big star of the show they leave all the people who helped make them successful in the dust. Not Chelsea. It definitely seems like she shares the wealth. Which, according to this article, she does in the form of giving each staff member $1,000 cash.

I’m definitely a big Chelsea fan, and I love to hear and see that she’s smart, loyal, and down-to-earth. There’s nothing worse than really admiring someone only to find out that she is a massive bitch. I’m glad Chelsea is great.

If you had to dedicate a religion to a person, who would be the object of your devotion? 

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