Turkey Day, So Good

I hope you’re having an amazing, fabulous, food-filled Thanksgiving, wherever you are. I went to my aunt and uncle’s house with my mom and dad and all of my dad’s family. It was truly an amazing day. We hadn’t been to my aunt and uncle’s for Thanksgiving in probably seven years or so. We’d seen the whole family for other events, but it was so nice to be back for Thanksgiving dinner. Except for us, the whole family lives near each other. They get to see each other a lot, but for us it’s a special treat. It was so nice to see my (not so) little cousins, and spend time with my aunts and uncles. Family is everything to me, and it’s hard to get everyone in the same place at the same time as kids get older, so I love days like this. I got lots of great pictures like this one:

That’s my little cousin Victoria. She’s five and super adorable. Love her.

Then we have this guy. That’s my Uncle Bill. He was a police officer for his entire life. Serious Irish pride. One of the toughest yet sweetest men you will ever meet. Basically, he’s amazing and I adore him.

It was so nice to spend some q.t. with the family. After dinner and dessert I came back to our hotel and watched A Very Gaga Thanksgiving. Did you watch any of that? At first I was skeptical, but it was seriously amazing. First of all, her voice is so stunning it is not even funny. Second of all, she is actually really down-to-earth and cool. She kept talking about how all she wants is for her family and friends to be healthy, and how her greatest joy was to be able to help his dad fulfill his dream of owning his own restaurant (which she bought for him). I thought that was really impressive. Underneath all the fame, wigs, and eight-inch shoes, she’s just a girl who loves her family and has an amazing voice. I like that. I just downloaded a few of the songs she performed live. She did her own version of “White Christmas” which gave me chills. I also loved the version of “You and I” that she did during the show. It was stripped down and gorgeous. You can download the songs off of iTunes now, just search “Lady Gaga” and you’ll see the separate “A Very Gaga Holiday” album with those songs on it.

Hope you had a wonderful day, and thank you for reading Life with Lauren. I’m definitely thankful for that!

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