The Best Black Friday Shopping Apps

I am not fierce enough to tackle the mall/stores today. I don’t do crowds. I don’t like standing out in the cold. I don’t like waking up early. I don’t like strangers bumping into me. I don’t want to slap anyone over a cheap TV. Basically Black Friday is my idea of hell. The grocery store on a Sunday is bad enough. With that said, I do enjoy a great deal. You can bet your little behind that I’ll be scoping out the interwebz today (and on the relatively new Cyber Monday) to see what kind of great deals I can find. I have a few Christmas/Chanukah (my family is confused) gifts in particular that I’m looking for, and this may be the right time to strike.

I prefer not to have to wear riot gear when I go to the mall

I read this great blog post that talks about some really helpful iPhone apps that you’ll want to download if you’re looking for good shopping deals today or on Cyber Monday.

The app called TheFind is going to be my new BFF. I found a great deal on a present that I’m looking to buy for Chris. I almost just told you what it was, but then I realized he would probably read this and the surprise would be ruined. Just trust me when I say he’ll be happy.

Do you guys brave the malls and stores on Black Friday or do you hide behind your computer like me? If you went to the stores today, what time did you go? Did you camp out like some people do? If so, I commend you but also think you’re a little insane! I mean that in the nicest way possible!

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