The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is Intriguing

Yesterday was one of the most-watched TV events of the year. No, not the Superbowl. It was the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. I always used to feel dirty watching this thing, until I realized that the show is an equal opportunity program. Men, women, everyone loves it.  I’m not saying you should gather up the kids and replace Family Game Night with “Let’s Watch the VS Fashion Show” night. No. But this is the kind of thing that you and your guy can watch together and each find something to…um… appreciate? I guess you could say. Except while you appreciate the cute clothes and shoes and great hair, he’s probably appreciating Alessandra’s booty. It’s okay. It’s kind of a work of art. Actually, the show is probably geared more towards women with the knowledge that a lot of men are also tuning in to drool over the beautiful ladies in their undies. After all, the store itself is made for ladies. And if the show wasn’t mostly for ladies’ enjoyment why would they feature ballerinas, tons of glitter, pop music, and gorgeous outfits? These are the things that many women find exciting and interesting. Sure, men like Adriana Lima. They aren’t going to change the channel when she’s on the screen strutting down the runway in next-to-nothing. Men also like pop music. But, at the same time, a show geared towards men probably isn’t going to focus on big wings, glitter and heels.

The show was particularly amazing this year. Lots of new faces, huge performances (Maroon 5, Jay-z and Kanye, etc.), tons of glitter, the whole bit. I thought the “outfits” (or whatever we shall call them) reached an entirely different level this year. The “Spell on You” outfits (1920’s New Orleans-inspired looks) were so gorgeous and intricate. I loved them. Maybe I didn’t pay close enough attention in year’s past, but I never remember such detail and full costume design in other shows. I remember pretty bras and panties, but this was different. The outfits had lots of other parts to them. Love.

But my favorite part of the show, as a relationship writer and person in general, had to be Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom. I know usually people pick parts of the show that are, you know, in the show…but these two are the cutest husband-wife duo since Heidi Klum and Seal. I had just watched Miranda on Chelsea Lately and was already developing a serious crush on her because of a.) her amazing Australian accent b.) her down-to-earth attitude c.) her sense of humor and d.) her serious love for her husband and baby Flynn. You can tell that modeling is a big part of her life, but her family means everything to her. She was terrific. I also read this article where she talks about embracing your own unique look and had to give her props for that. Way to be a role model for girls, Miranda. Love that.

My obsession continued and spread to her and Orlando as a couple when I saw him give her a standing ovation when she did her first walk down the runway. How sweet is that? Throughout the show they would pan to him as she walked down the runway, and his facial expression was always priceless. He looked so proud and adoring.

It just goes to show you that you can be really, really ridiculously good-looking and marry someone who is equally as hot, and still have a sweet, normal relationship. It’s just like if you were to support your guy when he wins an award or gets his Master’s. Except these two support each other at awards shows and major fashion shows. No big deal.

Did you watch the show? What did you think? Do you have serious Miranda/Orlando love like I do?

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