Archives for December 2011

How Forever 21 Helped Me Mature

In my younger years, I enjoyed spending money I didn’t have even if it meant that I was no longer able to afford food, gas, etc., just so I could grab a cute pair of shoes. Tonight I realized that I’ve matured a lot in the last year or so. Here’s how I came to […]

I Can't Stop Listening to: Coldplay's Newest Album

I will admit, it’s a pretty rare occasion when I listen to an entire album straight through. Normally I like a few songs here and there but think the rest of the album is “meh” at best. But I bought Chris Coldplay’s newest album, Mylo Xyloto, for Christmas and I have to say that it’s […]

In Defense of Kris Humphries

I never thought I’d be saying this, but I actually feel sorry for Kris Humphries. He keeps getting booed at his Nets games and he even had a bunch of flour thrown in his face.  Then there’s the fact that he’s going through a divorce. No matter how short the marriage was, that’s still upsetting. Look, I […]

A Budget Tool for Non-Math Majors

I hope you had a wonderful, relaxing, fun-filled holiday weekend. I had a terrific Christmas/Hanukkah, but I feel like I need a detox after going through three days with complete disregard for nutritional content. It’s the holidays, it doesn’t count. I also feel like my bank account needs a check-up after some serious holiday shopping. […]

As *N Sync Once Said: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

As JT and the crew once said, Merry Christmas and happy holidays! I hope you’re day is full of family, food, presents, Home Alone (watched it last night, it was as good as I remembered) and all kinds of festivities. Enjoy the day and if you have a minute, listen to this awesome punk rock […]