Happy Birthday, Britney Jean Spears!

A few weeks ago I was trying to make a doctor’s appointment.

“How does December 2nd work for you?” asked the receptionist.

“Ummm…shoot. I don’t have my planner with me, but I’m pretty sure I have something going on,” I said. I picked another day.

Today I realized what I had going on. It’s Britney Spears’s 30th birthday. Ever since she came on the scene with “Baby One More Time” I’ve had December 2nd burned into my brain as an important date. I don’t feel any shame about that. I will go the doctor’s next week. Today is a day for revelry and celebration in honor of this pop star.

To mark this joyous occasion, I will be watching some of Brit Brit’s greatest performances and music videos. Of course, “Baby One More Time” (the one that started it all) will be in the mix. You can’t forget “Oops I Did it Again”.  What about “Stronger”? That hair and the chair dance were the truth. Then we have later classics such as “My Prerogative” featuring the timeless Kevin Federline (this was shot at the height of their love). I’ll definitely watch these two VMA performances also.  I’ll also try to dig up this book and re-read it as I watch her in Crossroads.

There’s so much good Britney content it’s hard to believe she’s only 30. I need to get a move on if I want to have a monster career like hers. It’d probably help if I could dance she like she could, but these are minor details. Even during her crazy phase, Britney has represented pop music. She’s a true diva and a legend. Plus she has the cutest little Southern accent.

Happy birthday, B. I hope your day is filled with fairy tattoos, matching denim outfits for you and your man, and many more amazing music videos.


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