I Now Understand Baby Fever (Still Don't Get Bieber Fever)

I never used to understand when women in their (late) twenties would talk about “baby fever” or the overpowering urge to have a baby.

“BABY!?” I would think to myself in horror. The last time I went to see my gyno he told me he refused to talk to me about accidentally getting pregnant anymore because I had already gone over every possible situation with him and was now on two different forms of birth control. This is a true story.

Her hair? Yes. Bentley? Not right now. Though he is adorable.

“But, but…I’ve seen Teen Mom! I know what happens!” I exclaimed as he turned to walk out the door.

“Lauren. We are not talking about this anymore. We’ve gone over every situation. You are on the pill. You take it responsibly. You have an IUD. We talk about this every time you are in here. You are fine,” he said in his Southern accent. I detected a smile.

Yes, my doctor has a Southern accent and is in his forties and is a man. That doesn’t stop me from asking awkward questions. I have no shame.

Anyway, that was a tangent. What I’m getting at is that I really don’t want to get pregnant at this point in my life. Emphasis on at this point. Believe me, I already think of baby names. I get really pissed off if someone I know names their kid my future baby name (like Charlotte from Sex and the City). I hate it when I meet someone I don’t like and they have my chosen baby name, because then the name is tarnished forever. I definitely want to have kids some day. Just not right now. I have many goals and dreams and places I want to see before that happens. This is why I couldn’t understand the insatiable need for a baby.

Until I was struck with Pet Fever. Yes, Pet Fever. The overpowering desire to have a pet. It happened right around the time my boyfriend and I got our own apartment. We were finally out on our own! No more crappy college housing. No more parents’ house. We could decorate the place how we wanted. We could do whatever we wanted. I felt so independent and responsible. We had disposable income. No more “Mom…um… I need twenty bucks.”

All of these things combined with my insane love for animals led me to the conclusion that it was now time to get a pet. Obviously, my first thought was to get a dog. As long as I’ve been alive, we’ve had a dog in my house. When our last dog had to be put to sleep we adopted two new dogs. They look like this:

So adorable, right? They’re bigger now, but just as cute.

Chris loves dogs too, but we realized we just don’t have the time to take care of a little doggy. We both work all day. Who would let the poor pup out during the day? Also, it gets dark at 4pm here…it doesn’t sound so appealing to come home at night and then immediately have to go out into the cold darkness to take a dog for a walk. As much as I adore dogs, I think that will have to wait until we get a house.

But a cat on the other hand… a cat is do-able.

ESPECIALLY a cat with a lime hat

 But here’s the problem. Chris hates cats. And I’ve never had a cat, so I can’t exactly help with the bad PR. Chris says cats are mean and smelly. I don’t have much experience, so I don’t know about the smelly. But there MUST be nice cats out there, right? Like, I know they’re not as cuddly as dogs but…there has got to be a nice, fun cat. I think cats have just been portrayed poorly in movies and TV shows, and that’s why they have a bad reputation.

I keep trying to bring up the cat issue at random times and hope that with enough discussion Chris will change his mind. It’s not looking good. I know that I could adopt a cat and say, “Don’t worry about it. He/she is my cat. I’ll take care of it.” You know how you used to say that to your parents when you were little and trying to convince them to let you get a dog and then when they said yes they ended up doing all the work? But in this situation that’s just mean. We share a small apartment. If he doesn’t like cats, it’d be hard to avoid one here.

He recently suggested a parakeet. My parents also have one of those. I don’t mind it. It just doesn’t do much. Maybe we could find a parakeet who would be willing to hang out on our shoulders and be fun. Kind of like a pirate bird. That might be interesting. Not exactly a cuddly pet, but certainly a unique one. We could train him to hop out of the cage and onto our fingers and shoulders. Then he could fly around the apartment. It might be fun. But I don’t think I’m willing to give up on the cat think….yet.

What do you think? Cat? Dog? Parakeet? Nothing yet, just wait? I need some opinions here!


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  1. i currently have all 3 (a dog, cat, and a parakeet) and all make great pets!

    my dog-well, this is my first indoor dog and i dont know if i happened to be lucky or not, but he’s no trouble at all. he automatically does his bizzyz on his grass patch and he loves to cuddle. if you want a kid, i think a dog would be closest to it! haha. cats are pretty good pets too but i know there are tons of people who dislike them. theyre kinda strange. they have these serious mood swings where one minute they’ll want your attention and the next minute they’ll scratch you telling you to leave them alone! they also like to sharpen their claws on important things like furniture. and if you have house plants/flowers you might want to be careful because they love to chew on it and sometimes its poisonous for them. my cousins cat actually died after he ate her flowers. but the good thing is, they dont require much. they use litter boxes, eat whenever they please and pretty much just sleep. just beware that they like to run around at night and sometimes will randomly attack haha. the parakeet isnt mine but my parents’ and its also an easy pet. its probably my least favorite since im not a huge fan of birds. they make tons of noise and feathers fly everywhere and if you train them to be out of the cage, their droppings will be everywhere as well. also when you least expect it lol. but out of all the 3 it requires the least attention. but if youre out of the house a lot i think the best choices would probably be a cat or a bird. dogs get lonely and tend to be naughty when youre gone 😉


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