Gloves for iPhone (and Other Gadget) Lovers

I live in a place where it starts snowing in October and doesn’t let up until mid-March. This is not a joke. Therefore, as you can imagine, gloves are a necessity. However if you a new member of the iPeople (aka a person who has an iPhone) the wintertime is a very bad season for you. This is because texting and gloves/mittens don’t mix too well. Or so I thought, until the kind folks at Darien Sport Shop sent me these awesome gloves. They’re called the Echo Design Basic Touch Glove and they allow you to text while you’re wearing them. I had heard about gloves like these, but wasn’t sure that they would actually work. I was set on using my “Put Glove On. Take Glove Off. Send Text. Put Glove Back On. Receive Text. Roll Eyes. Take Glove Back Off To Respond” method. That quickly changed once I tried these gloves.There’s no longer any reason for you to keep ripping your gloves on and off so you can tell your friend that you’re on your way. No longer do you have to deal with frozen fingers simply to type “Okay” (although if you do that, then you deserve to have your fingers freeze).  The day I got these in the mail I had to show everyone at work. And I had to send texts to everyone I know saying, “I’m texting with gloves on.” I’m cool, I know.

Here’s the pair I got:

Disclaimer: This was supposed to be a lovely outdoor shot. Then I got sick. So just imagine I'm outside in a winter wonderland

They also come in black, purple, red and green. They’re nice and soft. Definitely good gloves even if they didn’t have the added bonus of being able to text while wearing them. Speaking of that, here’s how that works:

There’s a little pad on each thumb and pointer finger that allows the screen to sense your finger’s movements through the material. Pretty amazing. If you were expecting to put the gloves on and have each finger work on the touch screen then you might be disappointed. But when you text, your thumb and pointer do the majority of the work. Therefore the gloves have everything you need to get the job done without taking them off. I’m a ridiculously fast texter (humble brag) and I found that I was able to text at just about normal speed with the gloves on. Exhibit A:

Oooh. Ahhh. If you’re looking for a good gift for a gadget lover, or just someone who loves his/her iPhone, I’d recommend these. Here’s the site if you want to check them out some more! They have a lot of other good items too, including a bunch of Vineyard Vines stuff (including PJ bottoms and adorable ties), so if you need another good gift idea this might be your place. Happy shopping, friends!


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