All I Want for Christmakuh is a Sparkly Cardigan

All I need to make my diverse, Christmas-tree-lovin’, menorah-appreciatin’ holiday complete is a sparkly cardigan. They’re so fun and festive, and they make any Little Black Dress look amazing. You’d think a sparkly cardigan wouldn’t be too hard to find since they’re pretty trendy right now. Wrong. Okay, well not totally wrong. You can definitely find them. But they’re either too grandma-esque or too “I’m the star of a Broadway show” for my picky taste. For example, my sparkle cardigan style inspiration is Jessica Simpson on the cover of Glamour magazine. Take a look:

Jessica’s sequin cardigan is amazing. It’s unique and fun and interesting, and it makes her casual white tee and jeans outfit really pop. The sweater on the right that some website is suggesting you buy to mimic Jess’s look? Not so much. That is more “rich old lady living in Florida” than the stylish twenty-something I’m trying to be. Yet other sweaters that I find only have sparkles around the collar. Not sparkly enough. I want a blinged out sweater that isn’t ashamed of its blinginess, but at the same time isn’t gaudy. Know what I mean? In Style magazine has a few suggestions that are…acceptable. Not exactly what I have in mind, but acceptable. But the problem is that most of their choices are WAY out of my price range. I think I need to hit up my go-to stores like Forever 21. Anyone else have a suggestion? I know this is not a matter of life or death but it’s the holidays. Everyone deserves a little sparkle.

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