How Drunk Can You Get at Your Office Party?

Tonight is my first office holiday party and I have high expectations. I work in the family business. I’ve known many of my co-workers for quite some time. However this is my first holiday party as a real adult of legal drinking age. I’m kind of excited. I also love dressing up, which adds to the excitement. My mom (who also works at the company) keeps reminding me that “people don’t really get that drunk at this thing” which leads me to believe that she thinks I may get embarrassingly drunk at the party. Little does my mom know that over the years my dad has told me several stories of employees (most of them now former employees, not necessarily because of their drunken antics) embarrassing themselves at the holiday party. I know better than to be drunk and disorderly. I’m an adult now; I know how to drink socially. My dad follows up each of these holiday party stories with the reminder, “Don’t forget, an office party is still a work function. It may be a fun work function, but it’s still a work function.” I will keep this in mind tonight.

To aid in my preparation for the party, I found this chart on The Gloss (one of my fav sites, check it out). It helps you figure out how much you can drink at the office holiday party.

 I’m trying to figure out where I fall on the chart. I’ve been at my company for more than a year and a half. Does that make me entry-level? Probably. But I’m basically a one-woman department, so maybe that upgrades my status? I can’t be sure. On the other hand, the boss’s daughter thing probably means I need to drink less so I don’t do anything stupid. At the same time, maybe I can drink a little more to show that I’m not uptight and like to have fun. I don’t really know. Maybe I’m over thinking this. I think I’m going to have between 2 and 3 drinks. Just enough to loosen up and have fun, but not enough to cause a scene and be the person everyone talks about the next day.

How do you approach the office holiday party? Have you ever embarrassed yourself at a work party? 

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