Foods You'll Never Eat Again. Sadsies

My friend just posted this awesome (and sad) article called “Foods You’ll Never Eat Again” and it’s worth a looksy. It highlights some favorite, now-discontinued snacks and drinks. Some I had forgotten about but instantly missed (Oreo O’s), some I still mourn the loss of every day (Butterfinger BB’s) and some confirmed my worst suspicions that the food had died (PB Crisps).

These were on another planet of goodness

If you loved Surge (remember that soda?), if you wondered what was in a Wonder Ball (I think it was a Sweet Tart-like candy, no?), if you delighted in purple ketchup, then this list is for you.

What other foods do you miss every day? I miss Dunkaroos. Not sure if they’re still around. I could also go for some Gushers, but I know those are still on the market. Praise Jebus. I also miss the days when Lunchables were an acceptable meal. The real world is a sad, scary place sometimes.

Where did you go, Dunkaroos? (via

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