Make Money Off Of That Old iPod

In our guest room/office/tread mill room/room with the ironing board, Chris and I are starting an electronics graveyard. We have his old PC, my Mac that I got before I went to college, and his old iPod that has since been replaced and therefore forgotten. Why do we let these things sit there and take up space? Because I’m not really sure what else to do with them. You can’t just throw out a computer. Something just feels wrong about that. We could donate them, but then there’s the issue of all of our old programs and documents on the computer. So we let them sit there and hopefully they’d figure out a way to get rid of themselves. Until I saw this article on Mashable called 10 Ways to Trade Your Old Electronics for Cash. Bingo.

I had no idea that so many stores have buy back/trade in programs for electronics that let you get cash for your old gadgets (love that word). I also had no idea that there are specific sites where you can sell back your old gizmos (another good word) and get money. The article mentions a site called Gazelle that buys back certain electronics and then gives you an Amazon gift card or a check OR you can opt to donate the money to one of the charities they work with. That’s a pretty great option. There’s another site called Nextworth that works with several stores to get you store credit or a gift card for your old electronics.

The article also mentions several stores that will buy back old electronics and give you a store gift card, or even let you trade them in and get a gift card towards a new version of the same toy. Awesome. Some of the stores that have programs like this include Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.

Check out the article if you’re looking to get rid of old electronics like I am. I had no idea that there were so many different options for old gadgets. I kind of figured once the newest version of the thing came out, you were stuck and the iPad/iPod/computer completely lots its value. Clearly not the case. Good to know!



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