10 Companies You Should Want to Work For

My friends at USA Today College (by the way, I’m writing another piece for them due out at the end of the month! So excited!) just released this great article called 10 Companies You Should Want to Work For. Take a peek if you have a minute. I’ve gotten really interested in how people find/create their ideal jobs. I also love reading about innovative companies that focus on employee satisfaction. This list is a great one made up of big-name companies. Some of the companies that made the cut include: Google, Zappos, DreamWorks Animation and Southwest Airlines. Each company has unique ways to keep their employees happy. For example, DreamWorks offers free breakfast and lunch, afternoon yoga, and free art classes. The DreamWorks “campus” is also supposed to be beautiful so it can inspire creativity in DreamWorks employees. All of these things sound amazing. I would definitely love to work at a company that pampers employees like that. I’m sure a job at DreamWorks is extremely demanding, but I like that they emphasize creativity and learning.

Southwest focuses on paying employees well and allowing them to dress casually and comfortably. I think this is an interesting idea. I can wear jeans to my job, and I love it. I know I’m spoiled though because most jobs don’t allow such casual attire. I think your comfort level at work is hugely underrated. When you’re stuck in constricting dress pants and blouses all day you just feel different then when you’re comfortable. I know I work much better when I can move around easily. Good thinking, Southwest. The piece also says that Southwest creates a family environment at work and has fun celebrations for employees.

I’m a huge Zappos fan, so I was glad to see that they made the list. They have a policy that I found extremely interesting and also pretty innovative. They offer new hires a $1,000 incentive to quit within the first week of starting at Zappos. Sounds weird, right? But they feel that if a person values $1,000 over the job at Zappos then clearly this isn’t the right type of person for the company. I’ve never heard of a company doing that before but I think it’s a smart idea. You want someone who really loves the job and is happy to be there.

This article also mentions a great site called Glassdoor where you can check out anonymous employer reviews. It also has job listings.  It’s worth taking a look at.

Would you want to work for any of these companies? Any other companies that you’re dying to work for? What are some of your “must-have” traits for your ideal job?

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