Things You Shouldn't Have To Pay For

If I were president I would make a new law. The law would be this: If you don’t really want to be buying something, then you don’t have to pay for it. For example, I get terrible headaches. I have to take medicine for it. The medicine is expensive. Do I really want to be spending my hard-earned money every month to buy this medicine? NO. But I do it so I don’t get headaches. With my new law, if you weren’t buying the item for fun or pleasure, then you wouldn’t have to pay for it. Since I didn’t get joy or fun out of the medicine, I wouldn’t have to pay for it.

Another example: trips to the doctor. I go to the gynecologist like a responsible female. Somehow, no matter how often or infrequently I go, I ALWAYS owe them a balance in addition to my co-pay. It makes no sense. So I always end up paying 60 bucks or something whenever I’m there. If I ran the world, I would not have to pay anything for this visit. These trips are neither fun nor enjoyable. They’re just necessary. Because of this, they would be free.

Here’s another one: Someone hit my car. I don’t know who did it. Probably someone at the sketchy apartment complex where I used to live. I’m finally getting it fixed. It’s going to cost $500. Ridiculous. If I ran the world, this repair would be free because it’s neither fun nor enjoyable nor is it any fault of my own. Actually, this repair is free for me because I complained to my parents about how broke I am until I finally drove them insane and they offered to pay for it. It was a great strategy and a huge win on my part. Then I got greedy. I tried it again on my mom and ended up getting a ten minute lecture. Lesson learned. Don’t use this strategy unless the need is desperate. Also, usually a better idea to go to dad first. Rookie mistake.

Now you might be saying, “No one would ever want to pay for anything with this new law!” Not true. I wouldn’t mind paying rent. I have fun in my apartment. I spend time with my boyfriend, we have people over, we decorate it the way we want. I think paying for it makes sense. I have fun in my car. I take road trips and listen to good music and drive around with good people in it.  Paying for that makes sense. However I don’t think you should have to pay for oil changes or Draino. Those things are boring and necessary. Definitely not fun and enjoyable.

What do you think about my proposed law? It would make me feel much better about spending my paycheck. What would you be okay buying and what would you opt not to pay for? 

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