If You're Looking for a Present That No One Else Will Think Of…

Then you will love this site called Vat19. A girl at work showed it to me and I’ve become obsessed. They have the quirkiest, coolest, most random products you could ever dream of. And I’m obsessed. The site is kind of like the shelves that are next to you when you’re waiting to check out at a store like Urban Outfitters. They’re full of unique products that you immediately want to buy. They have stuff for your kitchen, stuff for your bar, stuff for your office, clocks, DVDs, etc. You can get anything from this bookshelf which lets you conceal the actual shelf to keep the focus on your books:

(Large is $12.99, Standard is $9.99)

To a “two-pod” charging station which lets you charge an iPod and an iPhone at the same time while it holds your office supplies. This is awesome AND only $14.99

 They also have quirky, random things such as this wine glass that actually holds an entire bottle of wine. This is $11.99:

 Would have been convenient in college, right? Anyway, if you’re trying to keep it a little classier you could get this little clip so your wine glass can also hold your appetizers. This is only $6.99:

Or you could get my personal favorite. The Edge Brownie Pan, ensuring that you get that crispy edge every time you get a brownie. How good is this? It’s $34.99

Or you could just get a beard hat. Either way.

I keep discovering new fun things to look at. A lot of the products have videos so check them out. Perfect place to go when you want to give a gift that no one else will think of. What’s your favorite?

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  1. I just happened to come across your website and it looks interesting. Can’t wait to see what you post. I have always wanted to do this but I stay in a legal battle with my ex so I can not post anything online or it will be twisted and used against me. It sucks but even social networks had to go. Thanks for sharing!!! I am definitely going to check out that website!!!

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