People We Used to Watch on TV Are Pregnant…And We Are Old

This is how I picture her

Yesterday, news broke that Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler are expecting their first baby together. These two do not waste time. First they date, then they get engaged, then they break up, then she does Dancing with The Stars and he comes to watch her and then they get back together, then they get engaged again anddd now she’s pregnant! WHOA! Exhausting. I’m happy for these two…I guess. Babies are always a happy occasion. But I just think it’s a little soon. They just got back together. It probably would have been good to wait and make sure the marriage was going to be strong before they brought a kid into the picture. She’ll be a fun mom though. I’m not trying to hate. But anyway, other than being really surprised by this news, I also felt really old. When I think of Kristin Cavallari, I think of her with shorter hair wearing white shorts and a black choker on Laguna Beach going “STEVEENNNNN” or “ALEXXX” as we watch shots like these. Seriously. How is she old enough to be a mom?

In other teen idol baby news, when I see pictures of Hilary Duff walking around with a pregnant belly I literally feel like someone should check me into a nursing
home. I know I’m the same age as Hilary, but that doesn’t matter. It still makes me feel super old. I used to be absolutely obsessed with everything and anything Hilary Duff. The obsession started with her show Lizzie McGuire and morphed as she started doing movies like A Cinderella Story. I always used to curse my parents for not letting me be a child star like Hilary. I thought she was so amazing and beautiful. But it doesn’t matter that we’re the same age and I’m now 23 and working and living with my boyfriend. In my mind, Hilary will always be this age:

 A middle school girl. I age, she does not. Therefore you can imagine that I feel very corrupted when I see Hilary walking around with a pregnant belly. It feels almost scandalous and naughty. But then I snap back to reality and remember that she grew up as I did and met a hockey player and got married. She’s 24. The belly is acceptable. I think Hilary will be a great mom. She always seemed like a genuinely sweet, down-to-earth person. No flashing of naughty bits or stumbling out of clubs for her. She’s due in March and she and husband Mike are having a son. I’m anxious to see what they name him.

 Do you feel old knowing that these two are going to be moms? Did either pregnancy surprise you? Any baby name predictions? 

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