Keep it Clean: Why Your Every Day Stuff is Germier Than You Think

I was playing around on Twitter when I saw this article from Allure magazine that made me go “Hmm”. It’s about cleaning your makeup brushes. The article says you should clean your brushes once a week because makeup and skin oils linger on the brush and cause bacteria to grow. I always knew this was the case, but I didn’t realize that you need to be cleaning your brushes so frequently. I was actually thinking about cleaning my brushes today, because I touched the brush I use to apply my concealer and I thought “Ew. This does NOT feel nice.” If a simple touch made me think that, I can only imagine what’s going on on a microscopic level. The article says it’s pretty easy to get the brushes thoroughly clean. An antibacterial soap and warm water will do the trick. There’s also a spray from Sephora which you can use. You can find it here.  It seems pretty useful. It’s an antibacterial spray, it comes in a portable bottle and it’s only $6. I will definitely be picking up some of this stuff on my next trip.

Then I got to thinking about my cell phone. I’ve heard rumors that cell phones make you break out and that dermatologists can tell how you hold your phone based on where you break out. Then I thought about the fact that I ALWAYS use my iPhone when I have sweaty fingers at the gym. Then I promptly put that phone against my face. Gross. Then I read this article which confirms that cell phones are absolutely disgusting (note: don’t read while you’re eating). In other words, yes…your phone needs to be cleaned too. I’m a bit confused because all of the Apple sites strictly say to only use water on the iPhone screen or else damage might occur. But there’s no way water actually kills all of those gross germs. And the graphic in the article says that you should clean your phone with a disinfectant wipe or a mixture of soap diluted with water. I’d be nervous about using a Clorox wipe on my iPhone screen, but I think a little bit of soap with a little bit of water and a soft cloth would be okay. Does anyone have any experience when it comes to cleaning iPhones/iPods/other gadgets?

What do you think about this germy news?

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