Ode to Kate Beckinsale

I think we all know who Kate Beckinsale is, right? She’s the gorgeous one with the cute accent. But after watching Kate’s appearance on Chelsea Lately I realized that Kate Beckinsale is not just a pretty face and may, in fact, actually be perfect. Like she may not even be from this planet. Here’s why:

1.) She is breathtakingly beautiful. She has beautiful hair, great skin, pretty eyes, and a killer body. She is stunning. She looks like someone drew her. 

2.) She has the best voice ever. Who can resist a sweet, classy British accent? No one. Men, women, children, animals, we all love a great accent.

3.) She’s tough. She’s starred in a bunch of different action movies including the Underworld films. Gotta respect that.

4.) She’s talented. She’s a great actress. ‘Nuff said.

5.) She’s got an amazing sense of humor. Watching her give and take with Chelsea made me realize that she’s not some prim and proper English flower. Girlfriend is FUNNY. She talks about pranking her husband and other jokes she likes to play. She had me laughing out loud during her interview. I think that’s awesome. It always makes me sad when I see an actress or singer doing an interview and I realize that they have the personality of an inanimate object. Kate was completely down-to-earth and full of energy. Love her.

Are you a Kate fan? Who/what do you think deserves my next Ode?


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