Change Your Hair, Change Your Life

I believe that hair salons are magical. You can walk in feeling stressed out and annoyed but you leave feeling refreshed, confident, and happy. I don’t know about you, but my hair salon has a fun atmosphere which makes it impossible to feel cranky. There’s good music, people chatting, blow dryers going, food and drinks, and it smells like yummy, fruity products. Yes, hair salons are happy places. If I knew how to style hair, I would probably want to own a salon. But I don’t, so it’s probably for the best that I’m not allowed near scissors and dye. Plus, I’m attached to my salon. I’ve been going to my stylist since I was six years old. Isn’t that insane? She’s the best.

I truly feel that when you’re in that chair you’re not just getting a physical transformation. There’s something inside of you that changes too. It’s like as my hair stylist is cutting off those dead ends she’s chopping away my stress and the “blah” inside of me and leaving only fresh, shiny, sparkly bits. I love it. I have never left the hair salon feeling anything but excited and happy. That’s why I believe in the phrase, “change your hair, change your life”.

I added an extra element of fun during today’s visit when my stylist and I played with a set of Euronext hair extensions that I bought. I made a little video about the extensions so you can see them and hear what I think of them if you’re interested.

Do you believe in the power of the hair salon like I do? Or is “change your hair, change your life” not applicable for you?


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