Stop Me Before I Pin Again

I feel about Pinterest the way I did when I first discovered MySpace, many moons ago. I think it is seriously the coolest thing in the world. I could spend hours just looking at all of the beautiful images on the site and then pinning some of my own. I’m obsessed. I think my Tumblr is feeling a little sad and neglected but…such is life.

If you think about it, Pinterest is literally right up an 18-28 year old’s alley. We like looking at pictures. We like being creative. We like getting new ideas for things from other people we respect. And, let’s be honest, it feels pretty good when someone tells you they like your idea by repinning it or liking it. It’s kind of the Twitter retweet effect. You don’t want to admit that you get excited when you see someone retweets something you’ve tweeted but…you definitely do. It’s fine. Everyone does it. People naturally want to feel smart and appreciated, and Pinterest helps give you that feeling while also letting you exercise your creativity. It’s basically a genius concept.

This was one of my most popular pins so far:

I felt proud when it started getting repinned, even though I did nothing but spot the image online. Yes, Pinterest is a genius, amazingly fun concept.  Are you hooked? Find me there: Lifewithlauren1

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